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Vertical Water Pump.

water pump are multi-functional products. It can be used to convey various medium from tap water to industrial liquid at different temperature and with different flow rate and pressure. CDL type is applicable to conveying non-corrosive, which CDLF is suitable for slightly corrosive liquid.Water supply: Water filter and transport in waterworks, boosting of main pipeline, boosting in high rise building.Industrial boosting: Process flow water system, cleaning system, high pressure washing system, fire fighting system.Industrial liquid conveying: Cooling and air-conditioning system, boiler water supply and condensing system, machine-associated purpose, acids and alkali.Water treatment: Ultrafiltration system, RO system, distillation system, separator, separator, swimming pool.Irrigation: Farmland irrigation, dripping irrigation.

Fuel Oil Pump.

D This small unit can handle medium grade fuel oils. D pump incorporates an adjustable pressure regulator without cut-off.
AJ  A compact medium capacity fuel unit for light oil, with adjustable pressure regulation.
J Sought after traditional engineering, this unit for medium capacity light oil burners incorporates a combination pressure regulator and cut-off valve.
E pump is renowned throughout the world for medium capacity industrial heavy oil applications. E 1069 high temperature version with preheater location is specially designed for easier cold starting and improved longevity.

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Circulator Pump,Hot Water.

Circulator Pump, Closed Loop.

Hot Oil Pumps.

A Hot Oil Pump is a specifically designed piece of equipment used to pump heat transfer fluids at high temperatures. These fluids are usually oil based and good for use up to 650 degrees F. Hot oil is used in various industrial operations to heat a process or to maintain temperature in a product or on a piece of equipment.

Fidar Tejarat Atrin,Pump,Hot Oil Pumps.
Fidar Tejarat Atrin,Pump,Sewage Pumps.

Sewage Pumps.

Sewage pumps come in a variety of materials, sizes, and horsepowers. Choose the one that best fits your needs.